Reframe Quick List

Focus on positive and positive manifests

Focus on positive and positive manifests

This list is meant to be a guide not an absolute. It is a work in progress and an example of how we can learn to see “negative” behaviors in children more positively by viewing the quality of their behaviors from a different perspective and/or context…being assertive, expressive of one’s needs, and protective is actually healthy, responsible and honorable.
 I adapted a list like this which I got over a decade ago from a Dare To Be You ( and created this version that reflects my experience with hundreds of children. I believe all negativity comes from a state of stress and/or unmet need within the child and/or the observer.  Every situation and child has unique needs, yet when we focus on the positive, we give power and opportunity for positive beliefs, feelings, traits and actions to manifest. This positive reframe has inspired me greatly and empowered children to see the brilliance within themselves. When we feel and think good, we do good.

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