Who’s the Boss?

Positive Reframe...

Much of recorded civilization operates from the assumption that there needs to be hierarchy, someone at the top, a boss to lead, to have power over. My son will sometimes report that I am the boss of him and he has to do what I say. I reflect back that yes, it does feel like I am telling him what to do a lot. I tell him that I don’t want to boss him around and that I want him to be his own boss.  I do know it is my job to protect and teach him healthy behaviors so when he does things that jeopardizes safety or health, I tend to interject. But upon great reflection and listening to my son, I stopped my re-directions, lectures, scowling, and controlling reactions etc. I began to reflect what I was seeing, identifying feelings, and trusting him to figure it out. It might take longer, things break and get messy, and he will get hurt…

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Loved-based response to loss

Yes, grief and anger are normal and healthy emotions that are valid and need to be processed after such loss. There are positive and proactive ways to process grief and anger that lead to healing, transformation, and peace. When you don’t process negative emotions or events, then they will eat you alive, make you explode and react negatively causing more harm in the long run. Negative reactions are fear-based and no matter how valid you are, come from the same vein of the offense you are hurt by. This is a beautiful love-based response… Embrace the fear, love more and trust the process♥

Click on the following link to see a genuine loved-based response to loss:“I won’t give you the gift of hating you” – Antoine Leiris’ powerful tribute to his wife, who died in the Bataclan during the ‪#‎ParisAttacks