I have something magical I want to share

There are many proactive and respectful ways to respond that reduce stress, promote healing and connection as well as and maximize human potential.

Positive Reframe...

You know when you have discovered something that brings you vitality, peace, and joy and you just want to share it with everyone you meet?…That’s how I feel about parenting and committed partnerships. Yet I have noticed that sharing my expertise is sometimes like a double-edged sword. These relationships are a deeply personal and often laden with landmines. The slightest expression of a contradictory belief often sets off a chain of reactions and defense mechanisms. Even sharing a positive reflection or experience can incite unconscious triggers, insecurities, and fears.

My relationships with my children and partner have become a sustainable source of peace, love, trust, security, and nurturance. Now, don’t get me wrong, my kids still go through all the challenging stages of development, yet instead of judging their behavior as something is wrong with them or as a result of something I have done (or not done), I am now better able…

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