Positive Reframes and the energy you transmit

I have found that shining a light on others’ strengths and positive intentions or traits cultivates more positivity and connections for all.

Positive Reframe...

The energy we choose to direct at children will be absorbed, internalized, and reflected back out. This process is dynamic and rapid especially when you consider the following:

  • The quality of attachment between the primary caregiver (most often the mother) and the child during the critical and sensitive period of a baby’s development becomes the blueprint for all future relationships.  (Attachment Theory by John Bowlby
  • Our bodies are made up of mostly water with babies having the most, being born with about 78%. Water molecules have been shone to change shape depending on the messages it receives. Messages of love lead to beautiful, crystallization yet molecules became disjointed and darkened when messages of hate  were expressed (see http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/aug1/consciouswater.html)
  • Much of early human development and learning is done through implicit learning, that is learning from experience without intention or awareness 
  • Children (under age 6) are process most information using delta and theta brain waves…

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