Therapy Services

 Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy Sessions

My mission is to support and empower clients to make well-informed decisions that enrich relationships as well as nurture emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. I believe everyone is truly doing the best they can with the resources they are aware of.  The constant stressors and high demands of our modern world tend to disconnect us from our most vital and innate resources. I utilize evidence-based treatment models to best meet your unique goals and needs as well as promote innate, sustainable resources. Progress and healing are an ongoing journey and there are many ways to reach the same goal. You are the expert of yourself and I help create experiences to activate positive beliefs and actions. I am committed to giving every client a positive reframe on stressors within relationships, pregnancy, childbirth, children, and family.

 I’ve added a video counseling service called Breakthrough. Now we can meet wherever it’s most convenient for you. All you need is a computer and broadband internet access. It’s secure and accepted by major health insurance companies. Please visit Wecounsel to learn more. If you’ve got any questions at all just let me know. I can only see Illinois residents at this point.

 Confidentiality is critical thus I implement appropriate safeguards to protect client privacy. However, the transmission of information on telephones, the internet, and facsimile cannot be guaranteed secure so please use discretion when choosing to share information via telephone, internet or faxes.  

Peaceful Pregnancy

Expecting women and families members will receive 25% discount on services. I am hoping to create a Peaceful Pregnancy Campaign by offering significantly reduced investments for counseling to mothers throughout the four trimesters (conception to 3 months). I welcome donations so I may serve more expecting families and cultivate.

When a baby is in the womb it is the emotional state of the mother which decides how her baby’s brain will develop…he gets his dose of mother’s molecules-of-emotion through the placenta. If a baby is flooded in the hormones of stress he puts his growth effort into the part of the brain that is designed to deal with stress and threat – the flight or fight part of brain. He cannot do differently…When the baby in the womb is marinated in hormones of peacefulness, then he is free to get into to developing  his higher brain functions. These are the structures he will need for highest human qualities like love, trust, beauty, respect, empathy, and truth…the womb provides everything the baby needs…the mother-baby couple is the First Partnership. It is from this partnership that the baby learns to make relationships…Wise cultures are child-wise, and child-wise cultures do everything they can to ensure the mother and baby get off to the best start in the first 3 years of life. They understand the health of their culture depends on it…If the baby has a bonded relationship with mum, he grows heart-brain connections for the highest human qualities and so can make peaceful relationships with everyone in the group.” ~Pennie Brownlee, Dance with me in the Heart

Be Happens*: Relationship & Resiliency Enrichment for Parents and Children

This workshop series will provide a unique experience of reflection and shared interaction amongst of group caregivers dealing with similar issues. We will explore various topics on brain development, emotional intelligence, and parent/child relationship dynamics as well as process related thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The most crucial aspect to learning new skills and healing is to cultivate trusting and safe relationships.

Pre-marital Counseling 

Therapy Services


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